WATCH: Tiffany Boone Speaks On Highlighting Black Women In The Movement

Starring in Apple TV+’s ‘The Big Cigar,’ the actress explains the important role of women in the Black Panther Party and beyond.

Tiffany Boone who plays Gwen, the wife of Huey P. Newton in The Big Cigar spoke with ESSENCE about her character, as well as the role that women played in the movement. One of the common misconceptions of the Black Panther Party is that it was made up of an incredibly masculine group of men, however in reality, half of the Panthers were women.

“The women were really the heart and soul of the Party and you can’t tell the story of the Party or of Huey without them,” Boone said in a statement. “Huey needs her because she’s one of the few people who will tell him the truth but she has great respect for him, so she only challenges him in private. With all the women who were in love with Huey, falling all over him, what was it about Gwen that made her different and made Huey pick her?” asked Boone. “I think part of it was the strong feminine energy she exuded.”

The Big Cigar premieres on Apple TV+ on May 17 with its first two episodes, followed by new episodes every Friday through June 14.

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