WATCH: Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins Talks Healing, Overcoming Trauma and How He Found His Purpose in Sharing His Journey

Fresh off the recent release of his newest album ‘I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget’ and his book ‘Adversity for Sale’ Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins sat with his close friend and actress Nia Long in an hour long interview released this week that details his journey into self-discovery and healing. The powerful conversation reveals an open, vulnerable and reflective Jenkins, discussing topics from mental health, meditation, healing inner-child wounds, and of course forgiveness.

Jeezy sat with Essence Ventures Chief Content Officer God-is Rivera to discuss his journey of self-discovery, his thoughts on how we can create more safe spaces for reflection among each other, how creating his art has become therapeutic, and what he hopes his community gains from hearing the experience of his ongoing path to internal balance and healing.

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