WATCH | Elevate Your Brand and Business in 2023

Calling all working professionals! Let’s talk elevation!

As we head into the last few days of 2022, it’s time we get focused on setting up a strategy to make our 2023 the best year yet. From our personal brands, our businesses and yes, our bank accounts, it’s time to elevate every aspect of our lives. 

As we continue our  Essence & Smartwater Live Well Challenge, we spoke with business coach, Candace Junee on living well in business and setting up a path towards our dream lives. Junee, having experience in both corporate America as well as running her own business, goes on to explain the importance on owning your expertise, setting money boundaries and most importantly knowing your worth in business. 

For the full conversation head over to and join us in our ESSENCE + Smartwater Live Well Challenge.

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