Vogue Netherlands December 2023 Agata Serge

From Gigi Hadid to Nyaueth Riam, models have been high on Yeliz Çiçek’s agenda when it comes to selecting Vogue Netherlands’ cover stars. Not allowing standards to slip as we head into 2024, three of modeling’s finest front four collectable covers. Across the quartet of Agata Serge-shot December 2023 covers, Karen Elson, Sasha Pivovarova and Amanda Murphy help ring in Vogue Netherlands’ party-themed latest. Complete with styling from Sarah Gore Reeves, the industry icons sports looks from fashion houses Chanel and Saint Laurent, each captured on location within the grounds of Wave Hill, New York.


With such a stellar cast, the covers immediately caught the attention of theFashionSpot’s forum members. “‘It’s the PARTY SEASON’ but these are the results? Great iconic models, but weird concept/execution. Easily forgettable,” complained MModa.

“Oh no! Was so excited by the cast too,” added Urban Stylin.

MON simply could not have agreed more, adding: “The cast is stellar, but the results leave much to be desired.”

“Party season and Agata Serge opted to shoot outdoors, under gloomy grey skies. Makes sense. Criticism aside, it’s the Sasha Pivovarova cover that is winning me over here… it’s just so clear, stark and direct that I struggle to dislike it,” voiced vogue28.

WAVES said: “Karen’s cover is the best one. She always knows how to pose, so no wonder why she’s still around after such a long time.”

“My favorite is by far Karen Elson’s. Love the pose, the expression and the vibes,” admired penny609.

Vogue Netherlands December 2023 : Sasha Pivovarova, Karen Elson & Amanda Murphy by Agata Serge

Which cover do you prefer – if any? Sound off and await more from the December issue of Vogue Netherlands, here.

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