Video Producer in Chicago, IL — Money Diary

Occupation: Senior Video Producer
Industry: Education
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, IL
Salary: $58,000
Net Worth: $10,337.50 ($5,580 in savings account, $3,819 in a 401(k), $764 in my personal checking, $62 in a travel savings account, $175 in a joint savings account with my girlfriend for our dog (my half $87.50), $50 in a joint checking account with my girlfriend that we use for food, rent, and utilities (my half $25). My girlfriend and I split rent proportionally to our income as she makes about $10,000 more than me, but we split everything else 50/50. We have a joint credit card that we use for fun purchases — going out to dinner together, seeing a movie, etc. — that we pay it off 50/50 every month. It’s just easier than Venmoing all the time! I also have a car from 2005 that my parents purchased used when I was in high school, but I doubt it’s worth anything.)
Debt: $0 (I pay off my credit cards every month and my parents paid all college expenses that weren’t covered by scholarships.)
Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $1,623
Pronouns: She/her

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