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Summer is here, and it’s time to be outside doing all the fun activities. Think: laughing with our friends on rooftop bars or by the pool, finding any chance to enhance our sun-kissed glow. The only things that will make us want to cover-up are our generous AC units or even a pesky mosquito bite. We like to think of mosquito bites as the cousin of pimples. They’re not our favorite family members… but somehow, they manage to show up to a function they’re not invited to. 

Dr. Nkem Ugonabo is a dermatologist whose expertise expands from skincare to cosmetics and lasers. She also believes pimple patches can heal our mosquito bites. The theory is a new revelation, amongst the beauty community, after dermatologist Dr. Andrea Suarez shared the tip on her Instagram page. The video instantly went viral, and Dr. Suarez can be seen using Mighty Pimple Patches to heal a mosquito bite that seems to cure overnight. 

Below, Dr. Ugonabo is sharing everything she knows about the latest summer beauty hack. 

Can pimple patches really help heal mosquito bites?

“Pimple patches, especially those that are hydrocolloid based, have shown to be effective in dealing with mosquito bites,” reassures Dr.Ugonabo. The critical ingredient, hydrocolloid, is known for its moisture-absorbing properties, making it a promising solution for mosquito bite woes. “When we get bitten by mosquitoes, an inflammatory reaction occurs in the skin, which causes these bites to be inflamed and swollen. These patches can help absorb the moisture within our bites,” says Dr Ugonabo. Pimple patches can also act as a protective layer to the skin. No more having hyperpigmentation due to an itch we couldn’t help but scratch. 

When should we apply the patch to a mosquito bite?

Patches are recommended for pimples when the whitehead begins to rear its head. Depending on the breakout, this stage can take a few days or happen almost instantly. Since mosquito bites aren’t like pimples, it can be hard to determine when to apply our patches. That said, Dr. Ugonabo recommends applying the popular skincare sticker when we notice the bite. “This stage is usually when the mosquito bite is swollen or inflamed on the skin, which would be a reasonable time to apply the patch,” says Dr. Ugonabo. It’s also the stage when mosquito saliva is most potent. The saliva is the moisture that can cause itching and discomfort. Applying a hydrocolloid-based pimple patch during this stage can ease this side effect. 

How long should we leave it on for? 

We all can admit that we’ve left a pimple patch on the way longer than we were supposed to. Most of us even use them as accessories as we run to the grocery store and other errands. Contrary to widespread use, pimple patches have a time limit, and we should be more mindful of it. Dr. Ugonabo recommends honoring the suggested time on the package for both pimples and mosquito bites. However, she understands what being just a girl is like and doesn’t recommend going past eight hours.    

Should anyone avoid using a patch for bites?

“If you feel like the patch is making your skin more itchy rather than less, you may be sensitive to one of the ingredients,” Explains Dr. Ugonabo. If you’re tackling multiple mosquito bites at once, doing a patch test could help. Put a pimple patch on one of the mosquito bites and see how your skin reacts. Once you feel your skin reacting positively to the bite, then go ahead and cover the remaining mosquito bites with patches. Dr. Ugonabo believes pimple patches are generally safe for all skin types unless proven otherwise. 

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