These Are The Best Stars To Work With According To Their Colleagues

There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite co-worker walk through the door, no matter the job you’re in. You know the one–the person who keeps a smile on their face, does their job well and emits warmth wherever they go. And usually, these well-liked colleagues are also the most successful people who get handed promotions, raises, and opportunities. And this isn’t just opinion.

A Harvard University study revealed that when a person receives job or a promotion, 85% of the time it is because of their attitude, and only 15% of the time because of his intelligence and knowledge of specific facts and figures.

This doesn’t just apply to corporate America. Hollywood is rife with divas and divos who wield use their fame as permission to treat people poorly, and until recently, many of these celebs’ bad behavior were an open secret.

Thankfully, word has gotten around about the kindest and most professional celebs to work with as well, and we’re calling them their loveliness out.

From Queen Latifah to Angela Bassett, these are your faves’ faves to work with.

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