The Rose Is Over, It’s All About The Jewel Suction Vibe

Once the cap is removed, it reveals a large suction hole. Not to be too graphic while talking about holes, but I think this is really where the magic of this sparkler lies. Via seven suction intensities, the jewel’s mouth creates a vacuum-like vortex of non-touch air pulsing stimulation (much like the rose). Unlike the rose, though, the jewel’s wider and deeper mouth is able to suck in more surface area, which felt on par with luxury vibrators thrice its cost. Because of its wider grip, I felt like I was able to move around a lot more than I would with my rose, too. I’d read a review from a pleased customer saying that it was especially fun to use during doggy style, which I was definitely intrigued about. I’m a person who is pretty low-key about my masturbation efforts, especially regarding positions. I find that lying back with my legs butterflied is usually the best way to stimulate myself to orgasm. But this review had me feeling all kinds of curious, and I was thoroughly impressed that the jewel stayed completely latched on, even as I moved from my back to my knees. I could definitely see how couples would enjoy using it together, as it was strong enough to stay put, no matter how much I jostled it.

I have to say that is a huge improvement over many suction vibrators I use and love, which release their suction and break the vacuum of stimulation if they move even the slightest amount. Not the jewel, though. She stays firmly in place. I think it was also due to the shape of the toy, which was easy to hold in the palm of my hand and press steadily against my clit due to its tapered ridges.

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