The It Bags of 2023

Every few eras, a new “it bag” comes along to grab the spotlight. We had the Fendi baguette, the Balenciaga Cargole shoulder bag, and the Diesel mini bag. There’s always that one bag someone wears to the party that instantly catches your eye. I remember the first time seeing a Diesel mini bag on a girl’s wrist and watched it as she walked across the room until it disappeared with her into the crowd. That’s the “it bag” effect. As the New Year is looming hopefully upon us, many are Marie Condo-ing closets and conceptualizing their new personas to go along with their fresh slate. Having an “it bag” can instantly elevate style and the most basic of basic outfits (nothing wrong with that, though, no shade.) 

Who are we to gatekeep the up-and-coming, most coveted bags of 2023? Here’s what we’ve found and where to get them. 

Luar Ana bag

This bag is yet to be done with her moment. The Ana bag is what got designer Raul Lopez the 2022 CFDA Award for Accessory Designer of the Year. I have yet to get mine, but it will be secured in the new year, trust.  

JW Anderson Leather Baguette

A perfect bag for spring and a minimal yet interesting silhouette is what makes this an “it bag” especially for spring if you want to opt for a more colorful option.

EDAS Maria Leather Baguette

Designer Sade Mimms works with leather goods and jewelry made by hand. This bag on your shoulder screams “grown and sexy,” and if you’re in your mid-20s and want to feel like it this bag will do it. 

Homage Year Ova Bag 

Antoine Manning has made a name for himself with these manifestation bags, and even more exciting things are to come from his brand, but these bags are in his new series of bags inspired by fruit. We’re still on the lookout for banana but get your hands on one before they disappear. 

YSL Quilted Tote Bag 

The tote of all totes has arrived. This bag is for the 9 to 5 baddie, the woman with things to do and places to be. This bag is mature and whimsy wrapped in one. 

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