The Best Small Fashion Brands To Shop

Looking for new or emerging brands is kind of a sport; you probably are on the internet for hours just looking for new things to add to your wardrobe. There’s something really satisfying about having pieces of clothing that no one else has, and even more satisfying when you don’t tell them where it’s from, i.e., gatekeeping. While being unique in style is maybe rare these days, we will not be gatekeeping because we believe in range. 

These brands each have interesting stories and very different types of aesthetics. From statement prints to sustainable fabrics to cutouts, each brand is telling its respective stories through its designs. Even before it became cool to support small businesses and Black businesses, these brands have stuck to their original ethos to create the best quality pieces possible. Take a look below at the ones that stood out to us most. 

The Folklore

The Folkore is actually a retailer dedicated to Black designers globally and getting them on the mainstream market. Each designer is featured on their site, and the clothing and accessories are full of vibrant colors, beautiful shapes, and great tailoring. 

Against Medical Advice ​​

Designer Wole Olosunde is not only a designer but a nurse and uses his experiences as a throughline narrative in his work. You’ll see so much of his medical education informs his design process and its intersection with streetwear. 

Anadiya Meen

The eponymous luxury women’s brand is inspired by lingerie and merges that with sportswear to create a distinctive brand voice. Founded in 2018, it’s continued to be playful and sexy with its eccentric pieces. 

Selvä  Studios

Designers Nijhélle & Kyra created Selvä  Studios, a handmade womenswear brand based in New York. They both want to “keep women looking and feeling confident in our bold, chic, and versatile pieces.” 

Asata Maise 

Another eponymous brand, designer Asata Maise is not one to waste and uses vintage and deadstock fabrics to create the bags and clothing that she makes. All about slow fashion, she takes her time when it comes to her drops and isn’t one to stick to the fashion calendar. 

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