The Beauty Secrets Your Favorite Influencers Learned From Their Mothers

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Moms are the true OG’s of beauty. Before they were moms, they were the pioneers of many of the trends we are obsessed with today. They dominated the world and looked damn good while doing it. Upon becoming mothers, they begin to pass their secrets down to their children. That said, the beauty gurus you know and love today don’t just get their beauty secrets from trends; they also get them from their mamas! 

In honor of Mother’s Day today, we sat down with a few beauty influencers to learn more about what their mothers taught them about beauty. 

The Beauty Secrets 4 Influencers Learned From Their Moms

Kyra Joe, TikTok’s beloved beauty guru, grew up watching her mother indulge in her makeup routine. “My mother always kept things simple,” Joe expressed. Her mother’s makeup routine consisted of the following: lip liner, lipstick, blush, and filling in her eyebrows. Joe watched in awe as her mother got ready. One day, her curiosity led her into her mother’s makeup bag. “I remember I once took my mother’s MAC lipstick to preschool. I put it on myself and all my friends,” says Joe.

As she entered her teenage years, Joe began playing with makeup as her mother did. She was experimenting with different products and beauty trends. “My mom would always try to advise me about my makeup choices, even if I didn’t want to hear it,” Joe says. Like most mother-and-daughter dynamics, they didn’t always agree about trends. In time, Joe realized that her mother was right in keeping things simple. “My mom always says, ‘Do your best, and God will do the rest.’” 

The Beauty Secrets 4 Influencers Learned From Their Moms

Omofonmwan’s mother’s skincare routine would have been considered part of the “soft girl aesthetics” of today. Growing up on a small island made skin care resources very limited, resulting in Omofonmwan’s mom using a simple face wash and shea butter as a moisturizer. 

The simplicity continued well into Omofonmwan’s childhood, “watching my mom helped me not indulge in too much skincare,” says Omofonmwan. Mostly known for her aspiring skincare videos, Omofonmwan regularly shares her shea butter-smooth skin on TikTok. Her infectious body glow has shown us all that we can achieve our skin goals with little product. 

Although Omofonmwan gets a ton of praise online for her flawless skin, she credits her mother. “My mother has always instilled in me the importance of ease in skincare and how much it is a spiritual experience,” she says. “I believe this has helped me want to care for myself as a woman because skincare is a way for me to pour into my cup.” 

The Beauty Secrets 4 Influencers Learned From Their Moms

Wilky raves about her mother’s immense love for fashion and how she made every moment her runway, big or small. “My mom has always loved to get dressed! Whether it’s a small errand or the Met Gala– she will be dressed!” Wilky’s confidence began to build as she witnessed her mother unapologetically pour into herself. Fashion also became a form of expression for Wilky and her mother. To them, clothes were a way to express how they felt inside. The old saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.” “My mom’s fashion has always empowered me to express myself in the best way, a way that feels unique to me!” 

The Beauty Secrets 4 Influencers Learned From Their Moms

Brooke DeVard’s podcast Naked Beauty investigates beauty beyond the surface. She dives deep into wellness and self-care journeys to learn more about the women who influence us all. Before DeVard interviewed changemakers in the industry, she observed what beauty meant to her mother as a young girl. “Whether it was taking baths, displaying her beautiful collection of vintage fragrance bottles, or deep conditioning her hair – my mother always took time to invest in self-care,” says DeVard. Her mother’s love for indulging in many forms of beauty showed DeVard at a young age that self-care could be diverse. 

Additionally, “my mom set an example for me: just because you’re a mother, wife, or working parent doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself,” she says. “I make it a point to stay consistent with my overall wellness routine and set aside time for myself for other self-care practices when possible,” DeVard continues. This mindset has helped DeVard become her best self, run a successful business, and be a loving mother.

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