The Baroque Bob Is the Bob Haircut Trend of 2024

Hairstylists predict that we’ll be seeing more voluminous curls and natural textures in these shorter bob cuts. “In 2023, Baroque-inspired curls brought an air of opulence to the fashion world, with Versace’s runway as a prominent example, says Jason Crozier, hairstylist at Neville Hair and Beauty “For 2024, the trend has evolved with a contemporary twist. Celebrities like Zendaya continue to embrace voluminous curls, but now with a hint of avant-garde geometric shapes, offering a combination of timeless beauty and modern artistry,” he says.

Jordanna Cobella, British Hairdressing Awards London Hairdresser of the Year 2023 and creative director of Cobella Salon, also predicts the rise of the Baroque bob. “The Baroque bob is a hairstyle inspired by the opulence and intricate details of the Baroque era,” says Cobella. “It often features a shorter length with voluminous curls, waves, or elaborate textures. The trend in 2024 may stem from a desire for bold, statement looks and a fusion of historical aesthetics with contemporary styles, creating a visually striking and unique appearance,” she adds.

Ready to embrace some 17th century glamour? Scroll ahead for all the Baroque bob hairstyle inspo you could need.

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