The 9 Best Brands for Fashionable Outerwear

I’m a warm-weather girl. I was born in Southeast Asia, grew up in Texas, and call Los Angeles home. But when Paris beckoned my junior year of college, I answered, bien sur. Shopping for winter wear, I was dazzled by visions of sipping mulled wine as snowflakes settled in my lashes. I picked out a chic double-breasted peacoat that made me feel like Audrey Hepburn and smugly checked “outerwear” off my list.  

During the flight, I made plans to rush off to the Eiffel Tower as soon as I landed, bottle of champagne in tow. But the second the doors of Charles de Gaulle swung open, I was assaulted by the coldest, driest wind I’d ever felt, nary a dainty snowflake in sight. My lashes froze together, and it became very clear that my lightweight cashmere coat wasn’t going to cut it. A particularly cold rainy day wandering the Marais later that week confirmed it. 

At first I felt defeated. Then, I realized I’d unlocked a whole new category of clothing to enthuse over. A world of puffers and heavy-duty trench coats opened their warm arms out to me. Years later, I’m still somewhat of an outwear aficionado. Even California’s mild winters have me reaching for a coat the second temps drop below 60ºF (okay, 70º if we’re being honest). I’ve scoured the internet for the best coats to keep you looking and feeling both cozy and cute.

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