The 7 Best TV Shows Of 2022

As the year 2022 wraps up, we’re looking back at some of the best syndicated network TV programming and the streamable shows that entertained audiences and had some of us brimming with laughter and tears. A slew of newly-minted comedy gems crafted their own lanes and birthed strong fan bases this year while other family sitcoms and dramas returned for new seasons and reclaimed their high-ranking viewership with their special ensemble casts. We also said a tough, hard goodbye to a series that served as the springboard for the movie careers of another group of Black actors.

Overall, television prevailed with stories that enthralled households and delivered heartwarming scenes in bite-sized narratives. Networks and streaming platforms created precious moments that were felt between family and friends as well as those who love to digest sentimental stories by their lonesome. And, increasingly, Black talent made their voices heard, whether they were executive producing, sharing notes on final scripts, or performing in front of cameras.

Scroll below to see the seven TV shows we feel did it best this past year.

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