The 18 Best Designer Wallets on a Chain

I’ve always been jealous of those people who waltz into a room with nothing but their keys, phone and an effortless presence. So, when I discovered that wallets on a chain are now I thing (an offshoot of mini bags), I knew my time of lugging around practically everything I own had come to an end. Seeing as the wallet on a chain bag is usually only slightly bigger than a regular wallet, it leaves room for only the essentials – a huge plus if you’re like me and one of your New Years resolutions is to reduce the clutter in your life.

The bag is practical, too. Most styles have slots for your credit cards and cash, so it’s both space-saving and organizational in its design. A slew of designers from YSL to Prada have come out with their own versions and a good deal of more budget-friendly styles have emerged as well. It’s a great option for any upcoming weddings or holiday parties, but also versatile enough for everyday use, a sentiment I think most of us can get behind! Keep scrolling for our top wallet on a chain picks, below!


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