Sza Reveals Why She Removed Breast Implants

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SZA had her breast implants removed and she spoke about the very important reason behind doing so in a recent podcast interview. The star sat down with the S.H.E. MD podcast and said she made the decision following challenges with fibrosis. Fibrosis is when tissue in the body thickens or scars.

“When I got my boobs done, my doctor took out some of my fibrosis, he said, ‘There was so much fibrosis, it was crazy,’” she said during the interview.”

In this context, the fibrosis can show up as breast lumps or cysts that are painful. “I have markers in my breast, like metal markers in my breast for fibrosis, for these lumps or whatever. I’m not supposed to be getting breast implants,” she continued.

SZA said after putting the implants in, they ended up being painful and it exacerbated the fibrosis in her breasts.

“I put them in. They ended up hurting me. I got way too much scar tissue because my breasts are too dense and I’m not supposed to have breast implants,” she said. “And so I ended up getting extra fibrosis like with tissue, whatever, and I didn’t feel good and it was painful. So, I took them out, and now, they’re just my boobs.”

While fibrosis isn’t cancerous, the star did share that breast cancer runs in her family and consequently. She’s been told she has a 53% lifetime risk calculation of developing the disease. During the interview, SZA, 34, also revealed that her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and her aunt had a mastectomy. Both women are doing well now, her mom being seven years cancer-free. Her grandmother had colon cancer and passed a few years ago.

The “Snooze” singer has gotten other work done that she’s been open about, with good results. During an interview with Elle in 2023, the Grammy-award winner born Solána Imani Rowe confirmed the rumors about her new hour-glass body. She also alluded to it in her song “Conceited” on her 2022 album, SOS.

“I treat my butt like a purse; it’s just there to enhance whatever else,” she said at the time. “And that’s why I paid for it, because it works all by itself.”

She added, “I always wanted a really fat a– with less gym time. I didn’t succumb to industry pressure. I succumbed to my own eyes in the mirror and being like, ‘No, I need some more a–.’”

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