Sacai Taps Ghetto Gastro For A Soleful Treat In Tokyo

The Ghetto Gastro trio John Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao partnered with Sacai for a delicious and artful creation for the holidays. Known for their seamless connection of food and fashion, the “Black Por Kitchen” collective was, of course, asked to join the Japanese luxury brand, founded in 1999 by Chitose Abe, to take their spin on the Sacai waffles (get it.) In true Ghetto Gastro fashion, show out or don’t at all, and might we say the Bronx-born-and-raised chefs put their foot in those waffles (okay, the last pun.)

The reason for this delectable partnership is a collaborative cafe pop-up at Tokyo Burnside. This pop-up is going for a week from December 24 to December 30 with four waffle dishes to choose from. If you’re finding yourself in Tokyo for the holidays, do yourself a favor and get one a day to get the full gist of flavors.

The four waffle dishes are Strawberry Haze, Black Power, Chicken Coup, and Triple C. The Strawberry Haze comes with not only strawberries but plantain ice cream and strawberry puree. At the same time, Black Power is a rich chocolate waffle with bananas to compliment the chocolate and plantain ice cream.

The Chicken Coup is a gorgeous iteration of the treasured chicken and waffles combo we all know and love, while the Triple C comes with caviar and a side of lemon for a savory palate.

Powered by Nike, the Ghetto Gastro X Sacai treats will also be accompanied by merch to commemorate the delicious dishes and cafe pop-up, including t-shirts and totes by both Sacai and the Wavy brand of waffle mix by Ghetto Gastro. Eat up while you can.

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