Rihanna Drops New Fenty X Savage Game Day Collection 

Rihanna’s Fenty Bowl is almost here, 35 days to be exact, and she will surely bless us with her island flavor and smooth vocals, among insane costuming that will surely go down in pop culture history. We are starved, and Rihanna is about to feed us. The Barbadian singer-turned-business mogul may be returning to her roots in music, but her marketing instincts haven’t subsided. Remember her marketing for her fragrance? She referenced literally everyone who ever said she smelled good, and now her new drop for Savage X Fenty is playing into the Twitter antics we all know and love. Imagine walking around with a t-shirt with “Rihanna concert interrupted by a football game, weird but whatever” and then flipping it up to show Rihanna’s flawless face under a football helmet. The superstar has always had one of the best senses of humor. If there is any aesthetic that Rihanna has played up over the years, it’s been sporty chic vibes; she loves the juxtaposition. 

Ahead of her Super Bowl performance, the clever “Game Day” collection gives fans something to remind them that something quite life-changing is about to happen—Rihanna’s grand return. Like a prodigal daughter, she left fans concerned and waiting for music, but she is returning to open arms and welcoming adoration. The Game Day collection features collegiate-styled hoodies and matching sweatpants in deep caramel and black colorways, cropped jersey tops, cotton football-patterned boxers, and logo-patched beanies. On top of the best seller “Surprise Tee,” the collection is perfect for the big game day. These pieces are exactly what you need if you’re not that into sports but really into Rihanna. Gather some friends to mix and match with and have a watching party for her show…we mean, the Super Bowl. 

 Rihanna Drops New Fenty X Savage Game Day Collection 

The collection is available online at savagex.com. From January 27th through the 29th, Savage Fenty will have a pop-up to shop the “Game Day” collection, featuring an immersive experience with giveaways, photo-ops, and, hopefully, the star of the show will make an appearance. 

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