Queen Naija Admits She Sometimes Is Envious Of Women With No Kids 

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Singer Queen Naija, 28, is keeping it real on a first episode of her new podcast Let’s Talk About It. The singer sat down with her best friend to discuss motherhood and was candid about being sometimes finding herself envious of people who don’t have kids. 

The singer said, “Sometimes I envy the girls that get to wake up with no kids and like literally get to design their apartment the way that they want and literally just go and do whatever they want.”

Naija, who is a mom of two, explained that she began her motherhood journey and became a wife at 19. She had a child with and married ex Chris Sails at the time. However, they got divorced and it was later confirmed he had been unfaithful during their marriage. The pair share a son Chris Sails Jr., who was born in 2015. 

During the podcast episode, Naija went on to say that after that relationship ended, she moved right into another with her current and long-time boyfriend Clarence White. They went on to have a child together named Legend Lorenzo White. 

The “Medicine” singer reiterated that she loves her two children but that she doesn’t have as much room to focus on her personal growth in the way that other women might.  

“I never got to learn myself,” she said. “I’m still trying to learn myself outside of just music while still trying to become a wife too and the best mom. It’s hard to do all of that, I feel like sometimes I’ve got to choose.” 

She would later say that she’s blessed to have her children, but “it just goes back to that, I envy girls that can…because it seems their life is so organized. I don’t want to say envy like I’m jealous, but you know, fake envy.”

Naija and White met and began dating in 2018. Their relationship progressed and they had their son together in 2019. White is a YouTuber with millions of followers and the couple also have their own YouTube channel together called Queen & Clarence. The channel has almost three million subscribers.  

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