Smart Watch for Men Women, 1.9” HD Touch Screen Fitness Tracker with Bluetooth Call Answer/Dail, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch for Android iPhone with Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure


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smart watchsmart watch

SOUYIE Smart watch, New Upgrade

1.9-inch full-touch large screen display, information is clearly visible, 24-hour health exercise tracker, dual-mode Bluetooth, more functions and stronger practicability. Smart watch android ios with high-tech electronic chip & classic simple square dial & easy-clean silicone strap, suitable for everyone. The upgraded chip can measure blood oxygen, heart rate and other body data.

smart watchsmart watch

Multiple Sports Modes and Utilities

28 Sports Modes: Smart watch for men woman include walking, running, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, tennis, mountaineering, football, baseball, volleyball, cricket, etc. android smart watches can accurately count your exercise time, steps, distance, and calories burned. You can also listen to music while exercising, the fitness watch can adjust the volume of music and switch music, release your hands, and enjoy the joy brought by music and exercise!

Many Useful Tools: Such as alarm clock, stopwatch, music controller, weather, camera control, sedentary reminder, adjustable brightness, finding the mobile phone, customizing screen, voice assistant, etc. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, the mobile phone will synchronize the activity data of the watch, You can view the complete training data in the app.

smart watchsmart watch

1.9-inch HD Large Screen Smart Watch

1.9-inch 3D curved glass HD display smart watch for men women, with a resolution of 240*286, making each information clearer, weighing 49g, the soft TPU watch makes people feel more comfortable, and the aluminum alloy metal frame makes the case more wear-resistant, Corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, it is a very good watch, and its wide field of view brings you better visual enjoyment.

IP67 Waterproof—— The waterproof sports watch can be used for daily life waterproof (such as cold showers, hand washing, in the rain), not suitable for wading activities such as hot showers, diving, seawater, hot spring, sauna, etc. Because the water molecules are very fine, it is easy to enter the inside of the watch through the small holes of the watch, causing the watch to be corroded. In order to prolong the life of the watch, it is recommended to reduce its use in water.

Smart Split Screen Display—— Swipe right on the main interface of the watch to browse the functions you have used recently. It is clear at a glance, which is convenient for you to view information more quickly, save time for searching, and increase the experience of use.

smart watchsmart watch

smart watchsmart watch

smart watchsmart watch

Make/Answer Call/Dial/View Contacts

After the watch and mobile phone are successfully connected via Bluetooth, you can make/receive calls and calls through the smartwatch, and view call history and contacts (contacts need to be added manually in the “Da Fit” app, up to 8).

Multiple Watch Faces To Choose From

The smart watch for women android comes with 7 dials that can be switched at will (if you want more dials, you can download them in the APP), you can also upload your favorite photos as the dials.

Longer Battery Life

Using Bluetooth 5.0 low-power chip, charging for 2.5 hours, normal use for 5 days (the usage time of the watch will vary according to how much you use the function), standby for 30 days, the battery capacity is 230 mAh.

smart watchsmart watch

smart watchsmart watch

smart watchsmart watch


You don’t need to open your phone, you can easily check the weather of the day through the watch, which is convenient for you to prepare in advance for going out. It is a little helper in your life.

Bluetooth Music Control

Connect the smart watch to the mobile phone, use the smart watch to easily control music and switch songs, and adjust the volume on the watch without taking the mobile phone out of your pocket, you can free your hands and enjoy sports and music easily.

Sleep Monitoring-

Android smart watch use high-performance motion sensors to monitor sleep status (deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up time), and provide comprehensive sleep quality analysis to help you understand your health.

smart watchsmart watch

-Step A: Connect Bluetooth to the “Da Fit” App (for data transfer)

1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone

2. Search and download the “Da Fit” app (search and download in “Google Play” or “App Store” or open the manual to scan the code to download)

3. After downloading, enter the App, and click the second icon at the bottom of the phone screen, you will see an “Add Device” button, click to connect to the device named “T49” for pairing.

-Step B: Audio Bluetooth (for answering/dialing/listening to music)

1. Swipe down on the main video of the watch and turn on the “Audio” function switch

2. Open the phone settings, turn on Bluetooth, find “Audio_T49”, and click connect.

(The audio cannot be turned on when the power of the watch is lower than 10%, and the Bluetooth connection distance should not exceed ten meters.)

–NOTE: Please try to download it in the official mobile phone app store, and avoid downloading it with other apps, along with some junk software. During the connection process, the distance between the mobile phone and the watch should not exceed ten meters to avoid affecting the information received by the watch.

smart watchsmart watch

Health Monitoring

The smart watches can also monitor sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen to meet all your daily needs and be a little assistance in your life. (Note: This product is not a medical device, all health data are for reference only, not as an absolute standard for judging health.)

———————————————————————————FAQ GUIDE——————————————————————————–

Q: Why are Android phones easily disconnected?

A: Da Fit app needs to run in the background of the phone all the time to avoid the automatic disconnection of Bluetooth. However, the power-saving mode of the Android system will forcibly turn off Da Fit app. You need to manually turn off the power-saving mode of the mobile phone and add the “Da Fit” APP to the Android system management whitelist.

Q: Why can’t my watch receive text messages and notifications?

A: 1. Working principle: The android smart watch is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth to obtain the information of the mobile phone, So the watch needs the permission of the mobile phone to activate.

2. Solution:

Step A: Please make sure you have enabled “Da Fit” APP notifications in your phone settings.

Step B: After the smart watch is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, open the software and click “Notification” to open the permissions of each application (such as phone calls, text messages, Facebook or Twitter, etc.)

Step C: Please confirm whether the message can be displayed in the notification bar of the mobile phone. The watch receives messages by reading the notification bar of the phone. If the message notification on the phone does not work, the watch will not be able to receive messages.

Q: How can I measure my steps more accurately? What factors affect step measurement results?

A: 1. Please make sure that your personal information (age, height, weight) in the Da Fit app is filled in correctly, since these data are used as the basis for the sensor algorithm operation, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement. (Go to Da Fit app -> Info settings)

2. This fitness watch counts the number of steps through the built-in 3D gravity sensor, and the result of step counting is also affected by the user’s arm posture, stride length, body shape, road level or slope, and other factors. (If the number of steps is less than 30, it may not be recorded.)

【1.9-inch HD Full Touch Screen And Custom Dial】 The high-quality metal watch frame is matched with a 1.9-inch high-definition large screen with a resolution of 240*286, bringing you a clearer and more open visual enjoyment. The main interface of the smart watches provides 7 dials (more dials can be downloaded in the app), or you can customize your favorite dials. The 49g weight amart watch for Android with TPU silicone strap makes it more comfortable to wear.
【28 Activity Tracker & Personal Assistant】The fitness watch has 28 sports modes for daily exercise needs (walking, running, cycling, skipping, yoga, etc.) View data in the watch and the app. It also includes music and camera controls, AI voice, weather display, alarm, stopwatch, finding your phone, and more to meet your life needs and improve your quality of life.
【Smart Split Screen & 24-hour Health Monitoring】The smart watch for Android iPhone supports the smart split screen display function. The split screen function allows you to view and open recently used functions more quickly, which is more convenient to use and satisfies your efficient and easy user experience. The android smart watch also supports 24-hour real-time monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc., allowing you to easily understand your health status and formulate a reasonable lifestyle.
【IP67 Waterproof & Long Battery Life】Our smart watch for men android is designed with an IP67 waterproof, you can wear the watch in the shower(cold), wash your hands, in the rain, and in other places. Battery capacity of 230 mAh, supports normal use for 3-5 days, and standby for 30 days. If you have any questions about the watch, please contact the seller for help and lifetime after-sales service. (Go to your order –> click “Contact Us”)

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Smart Watch for Men Women, 1.9” HD Touch Screen Fitness Tracker with Bluetooth Call Answer/Dail, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch for Android iPhone with Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure
Smart Watch for Men Women, 1.9” HD Touch Screen Fitness Tracker with Bluetooth Call Answer/Dail, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch for Android iPhone with Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure


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