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BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Start and One-Button Manual Stop (Red)

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Product Description

Bangrui – a safe electric can opener

Can opener is a must-have kitchen tool for every household. A reliable electric can opener will assure you of a good job every time you uncap a can. Currently there are diversified can openers on the market. Some are operated manually. Others are driven by power. For such kinds of can openers, the common practice is to rotate and cut the cover open, leaving a dangerous cover and sharp jagged edges. Bangrui automatic can opener comes as a good solution to such problems. Completely different from conventional designs, Bangrui automatic can opener uncaps cans through the inner-side pressure, smart and safe. This makes both the cover and the container intact, ensuring proper storage of the leftover.

Easy to operate: Remove the battery cover from the back, install 4 pieces of AA batteries, put the product in place and start it with just a press of the button. Now you can free your hands and watch it rotating automatically to 360 degrees. With another press of the button, it will stop rotating.

About the excellent structural composition and accessories of Bangrui electric can opener

1: Recessed blade
This automatic can opener features a sharp blade that is safely recessed within the unit. This safety feature helps prevent accidental cuts to your fingers when searching for the tool in your kitchen drawers.
2: Metal gear
Using a can opener couldn’t be simpler with the straightforward design of the BangRui Automatic Can Opener. To open a can, position the rim of the can in between the blade and the metal gear. The metal gear guides the rim of the can through the can opener so it moves in a full 360° circle by itself.
3: Battery compartment
The new Bangrui can opener is completely different from the original design in appearance. Moreover, it is designed with a plastic sheet in the battery cartridge, which further stabilizes the batteries installed.
4: On/off switch
The simple one-touch button couldn’t be easier to operate. Simply press down to begin cutting the can, then press again at any time to stop the action.
5: Hold up Function
When you lift the can opener off the can,The BangRui Automatic Can Opener will also pick up the lid. It is more hygienic and safe than traditional can openers.
6: Insert 4AA batteries in the right poles
The battery groove is marked with signs of positive and negative electrodes respectively. While installing the four dry batteries, users should do as indicated by the signs. Once installation is done, cover the battery and the product is ready for use.

About functions and features of Bangrui electric can opener

1: Put the product in place, start it with just a press of the button and it will automatically rotate. Now your hands can be freed completely. Once the work is done, you can stop it with just another press of the button.
2: The product opens can covers safely, without producing sharp jagged edges. Users have access to an intact cover and container, which ensure the good airtightness.
3: The product is applicable to cans of varying sizes (excluding edge-less, square, triangular and specially-shaped cans)
4: It is efficient, simple, clean and reliable.
5: A must-have kitchen item for every household; packaged in a gift box.


Following just three steps, users will master the usage of Bangrui electric can opener.

1: Place The Opener Onto The Can And Press Once to Start.

2: The opener rotates around the lid 360′ automatically.

3: The opener holds up the lid and no need to use your hand

The operation is simple: touch one button to enable it to automatically route and open the can lid. You can turn off the switch when the lid is open. It can automatically grab the lid and pick it up, and work on cans of various sizes ( except for edgeless cans and special-shaped cans).
Innovative technology: With the latest technology, the can opener cuts the inner side of the lid safely, it keeps the can lid with smooth and perfectly sealed edges which allows you to preserve your unfinished can food. The product requires 4 AA batteries to function (batteries are not included).
Made of durable, safe and solid ABS and alloy steel; wear-resistant accessories; safety grooves and sliding gears help to prevent accidental bruising of your fingers; easy to clean; no need of water for cleaning; stains can be wiped off with clean, damp cloth.
Comfortable and portable: It is compact and comfortable to use. The product is friendly to both left-handed and right-handed users and seniors with arthritis. It is easy to clean, simply clean it with a clean wet cloth, do not rinse it. It can be conveniently stored it in the kitchen drawer. It is the top choice for your outdoor parties and family kitchen tools.
Professional safety electric can opener is an ideal tool for all dining rooms and picnics. Bangrui can opener is packaged in high-quality materials to make it a perfect choice for a gift.

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BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Start and One-Button Manual Stop (Red)
BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Start and One-Button Manual Stop (Red)

Original price was: $34.00.Current price is: $26.99.

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