Product of the Week: Sabon Green Rose Body Scrub

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I’ve come to accept the fact that cold weather is simply just not for me. A clear indication of this? My skin turns into a dry, flaky, itchy mess as soon as temperatures drop.

To remedy my seasonal woes, I typically make a run for it around the holidays and spend a few months in Jamaica with family. While I’m there— and in my natural habitat no less— my skin is soft, smooth, and ultra-supple. A light lotion is really all I need. However, as mid to late January rolls around, and the time draws near for me to return to New York’s frigid climate, both me and my skin start to feel a sense of dread.

But as luck would have it, Sabon hit me up while I was still on the island, inviting me to join them for a getaway in Tulum to learn more about the brand’s next generation of its cult-favorite body scrub. Of course, the answer was yes. 

First launched in 1997, the updated formula— which is now infused with a mix of oils— promises to be more nourishing than ever, aiming to leave skin ultra-radiant after every use.

While in Mexico, we stayed at the gorgeous Our Habitas property, which boasted a stunning, nature-immersed landscape— right down to the rustic outdoor shower. That evening, amongst the warm breeze and waning moon, I put Sabon’s newly formulated Body Scrub ($37) to the test.

After cleansing, I applied the salt-in-oil scrub all over my body, using circular motions. It was gentle, yet still got to work— buffing away any flaky, lifeless skin using Dead Sea salts, while a blend of organic sweet almond, argan, and jojoba botanical oils left my skin feeling buttery soft.

While the updated formula remains the same throughout the collection, there are an array of scents to enjoy— from White Tea to Delicate Jasmine, and Citrus Blossom. I first tested the Patchouli Lavender Vanilla variety, which offers a luxe gourmand fragrance, then tried Green Rose, an elevated and sophisticated floral experience, before an on-site massage. As a lover of anything with rose, it goes without saying the latter soon became my go-to.

After our four-day getaway, my skin almost immediately went back to being parched upon landing back in New York. So once the brand shipped me a couple fresh jars of the scrubs to indulge in at home, I was curious to see if the formula would give my skin the same feeling it did in the Mexican heat. Because let’s be for real: It’s easy to feel supple and soft in a tropical environment, but to have lasting effects in the dead of winter? Now that would be the true test.

That evening, I hopped into the shower, cleansed my body as usual, then slathered on the Body Scrub from my neck to my toes, spending a few minutes massaging it into my skin. Afterwards, I stood under the shower to rinse off.

Typically, I would follow up with a body oil, but I didn’t even need to. My skin was glistening and left feeling post-Caribbean vacation supple. Like, to the point where I could have gone about my night without layering a lotion on top. Because, like many Black women, I love to be extra-moisturized, I put on just a little bit more cream and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up to divinely soft skin, without a hint of ashiness in sight— which says a lot considering my radiator was working overtime to keep my bedroom warm, while simultaneously attempting to dry out my skin.

With the small amount of cream I put on the night prior, there was no way in hell my lotion could take any credit for this amazing feat— that was all Sabon, baby. Now I understand why a jar of the Body Scrub is sold every 30 seconds; it’s really just that good.

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