Oura Ring Wellness Tracker Black Friday Deal 2023

In my almost 30 years on this planet, I’ve witnessed cassette tapes be replaced with CDs, which were replaced with MP3s, which were de facto replaced by streaming services, which are now…happily co-existing with 180-gram vinyl records? The point is, what’s old always finds a way to be new again, and the same holds true for wearable tech. After everyone’s iPhone came with an odometer, the once-hot accessory seemed doomed to go the way of the Zune. But a new batch of updated, fashion-forward options has made them trendy again, with the current status symbol of the moment being one that doesn’t look like wearable tech at all: The Oura ring. And not only is it the wearable tech du jour, you can get yours for up to $100 off during Oura’s Black Friday sale, which is live from November 17 through the 27th.

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