Makeup Artists Share the Best Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes


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Have you ever wondered how celebrities get their makeup to look so good? Or, more specifically, how they get their makeup to make their eyes look so good? Look at any red-carpet photo, and you’ll notice their eyes are bright and sparkling. In other words, they pop. 

So, how do they do this? It’s simple. Their makeup artists choose eyeshadow colors that complement and accentuate their eye colors. Take hazel eyes for instance. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Zendaya, and Rihanna have this eye color. And according to Katie Mellinger, Fashion & Celebrity Makeup Artist, “Hazel eyes mainly consist of a combination of green, brown, and/or gold.” 

When you want this eye color to pop, Mellinger says you have to keep the color wheel in mind. “The color opposite of the color you want to emphasize is the shade of eyeshadow you want to use,” she says. “When colors that are opposites on the color wheel stand side by side, it makes both shades seem more vibrant.” Keep scrolling to see what colors those are for hazel eyes, according to three top makeup artists.

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