Londontown Kur Illuminating Nail Concealer Review

I then started with one, then two, then eventually three coats of the Quartz Illuminating Nail Concealer. It goes on pretty sheer, so one coat didn’t really conceal all the nail blemishes I wanted it to — so I kept layering. I have to say that a huge upside to applying such a subtle sheen is that it’s hard to truly mess up your nails in the process. Even if some of the nail concealer gets on your skin, it’s barely noticeable, and you can just gently scratch it off later. After I was done painting, I let my nails air-dry. Nail concealers are supposedly quick-dry (or they dry much faster than typical nail polish), but since I really caked the stuff on, I still waited about 20 minutes for them to dry completely, to be safe. The final result? A pearly finish with a slight glaze.

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