Lizzo Says: My Body Is Nobody’s Business


On what should have been a celebration of progress and women’s rights, Lizzo dropped a social media campaign titled “MY BODY IS NOBODY’S BUSINESS” through her body-positive shapewear brand YITTY. Rightfully so, as Roe v. Wade would’ve reached its 50th anniversary had the Supreme Court not irresponsibly overturned it. Lizzo is not only a talented singer, flutist, dancer, and songwriter, but she is also an activist and uses her platform to speak up for those who may not be able to. Since 2020, her website has listed resource after resource for the Black Lives Matter movement after the passing of George Floyd and, most recently, to women’s reproductive rights since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June of 2022.  

The three-time Grammy award-winning singer prides herself on YITTY, as the brand is all about autonomy, body positivity, and body protection translated to clothing that should make you feel liberated in your body, not trapped. In the “MY BODY IS NOBODY’S BUSINESS” campaign, Lizzo is speaking up and using the brand ethos as a parallel to protest and raise awareness that women and people with a uterus are now stuck without many options. YITTY is all about the option to choose from a variety of shapewear items to pick from and sizes ranging from 6X to XS for all body types. 

Lizzo Says: My Body Is Nobody’s Business
Lizzo Says: My Body Is Nobody’s Business

YITTY is dedicated to making sure everyone who puts on a piece feels sexy and celebrated and feels like it was made for them. Sustainability is another big proponent of the brand. It uses 100% recycled materials for packaging, and 65% of the styles are made out of soft fibers ensuring full transparency about its practices. It’s also a Carbon Neutral Company, which we know Lizzo is proud of. The campaign, brand, and Lizzo alike all have one goal to get reproductive rights back to have the option to choose.

Take a look through her Instagram for more on the campaign and her website for ways to contribute to regaining reproductive rights.

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