Let’s Toast: What’s The Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey?


Do you swish, sip, and then let the whiskey smolder around your nostrils before indulging? You could do a bit of everything. Have you ever wondered about the rich world of whiskey? On July 6th, at the Food & Wine Festival Experience, we had an engaging panel discussion exploring diverse traditions, industry trends, and personal stories that shape the whiskey experience with moderator Candis Grace and whiskey experts Samara Rivers of the Black Bourbon Society and Keenan Towns. The segment expanded audience members’ knowledge, elevated their palates, and celebrated the unique contributions of underrepresented communities worldwide. 

On July 6th, Rivers explained the difference between bourbon and whiskey because they are too often used interchangeably. “So all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon, and the difference is the grain,” she stated. “So all whiskeys are made from grain, whereas Cognac is made from grapes, right? So we look at our cognacs, but our whiskeys are more amazing because they come from different grains.” She went on to say that bourbon is at least 51% percent corn. 

The moderator gestured to the audience, encouraging them to note that the spirits industry isn’t just about drinking. There’s a science to understanding the nuances of the various spirits, which comes through education. 

Grace continued the conversation by asking Towns how people should move past their intimidation when it comes to whiskey, and it all boils down to educating yourself before you sip. “Like anything, you have to educate yourself on what you’re drinking; most people always want to know a fun fact or something about what they’re drinking so that they can tell their friends or when they’re about to make a toast. So I always encourage you to do some type of education around whatever spirit you’re indulging in,” he said. 

Another crucial aspect of the spirit is the ability to slow down, savor, and experience the whiskey without rushing. For Rivers, she believes you can enjoy whiskey when you understand it’s about the story. “It’s all about the story and who you share your dream with now, right? It’s about the memories that you’re making,” she exclaimed. 

Selecting whiskey isn’t straightforward, so Rivers encourages us to start small. “It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Try a Maker’s Mark or even an Elijah Craig; those bottles have a low price point.”

The best way to indulge in and learn about whiskey is to be curious about it, Rivers suggests. “Be curious about what you’re drinking. Continue to challenge yourself and be interested in the category,” she said. 

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