Let’s Talk GloRilla’s TGIF, Not Debate Her “Sex Appeal”

Like anyone else, musicians should have the space to explore all sides of themselves and reflect that in their art. Not giving them room to do so places limitations on their talent, which holds them back from genuinely discovering the type of artist they want to be. GloRilla’s real, raw, and gender-nonconforming style is how she entered the music scene. But she doesn’t have to present herself that way for her entire career. GloRilla has consistently proven that she knows what it takes to be a hitmaker and finish on top. Her breakout single “F.N.F,” released in 2022, led the charts, making it the song of the summer back then. The rapper has since cemented herself as a rising star to watch with her other famous tracks, “Yeah Glo!,” “Wanna Be,” “Tomorrow,” alongside others. Despite the harsh criticism about her “lack of sex appeal,” the rapper manages to remain true to herself while also not being afraid to experiment with her sound and aesthetic. GloRilla is the creator of her image and won’t allow others to dictate how she expresses herself in her music. So, fans can either support her through all her phases or move on. Either way, GloRilla is here to stay, and she’s in complete control.

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