I Tried A Lymphatic Facial– Here’s How It Went

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As a beauty writer, facials are a weekly treatment. Be it microneedling, LED therapy, extractions, or deep cleansing, these services make up the foundation of my self-care routine. As for the latest one I’ve tried? A Lymphatic Facial at the Silver Mirror Facial Bar in New York. This treatment helps drain the lymphatic system– a part of the immune system which balances the body’s fluids. Lymph nodes on the face and neck are strategically massaged, releasing toxin buildup.

The bar offers a range of facials, including their three most popular: The Signature Facial, Acne-Fighting Facial, and Anti-Aging Facial. Although I have skin concerns all of these facials could help with, I decided on the Lymphatic Facial because of its blend of ancient techniques:  Gua Sha, acupressure, and advanced technology included.

I knew I was in a trusted place when I entered their Manhattan West location because of the shelves filled with some of my favorite skincare products. After checking in, I was greeted by the most friendly facialist, who guided me through a serene maze of facial beds and sheer curtains before reaching mine. I laid down on the heated bed and before starting my 30-minute session, we chatted about my skin concerns. 

I shared in-depth how I accidentally overtreated my skin with Retinol and chemical peels– leading to severe skin sensitivity and dryness. The facialist was extremely attentive and explained how the chemical exfoliants damaged my skin barrier– causing acne and dry skin. She gave me detailed advice and personalized the lymphatic facial to my skin’s needs. For example, she removed facial steaming and exfoliation from my treatment to avoid further exacerbating my skin concerns. Instead, she focused the facial on massaging, hydrating, and contouring my skin. 

After cleansing my face, she used the TheraFace Pro for multiple lymphatic benefits: compression massage to boost circulation, and hot and cold rings to reduce puffiness and inflammation. Additionally, LED light therapy was used to help fight acne and hyperpigmentation. As the facial progressed, she used acupressure and gua sha techniques to get the blood circulating. This visibly contoured and lifted my face into a grin. Immediately after the facial was complete, I booked my next appointment to become one step closer to healing my skin.

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