How To Make Esports More Inclusive, Diverse

To be fair, this is already happening to an extent. Simon can point to many examples of notable esports execs who began their careers elsewhere (for example, past R29 Twitch guest Kayci Evans, global director of brand marketing for Evil Geniuses). But it’s not enough. “A lot of my friends in this industry have either done this since the beginning or just stumbled into it,” she adds. In order to be truly diverse, Simon explains, the pathways to entry need to be more clearly defined. If you want to become, say, a journalist, you have a pretty good idea about how to make that happen. But how can someone get an entry-level esports job and work their way up? How can someone know what type of skill sets the industry needs to fill? What esports careers are available? Simon says the industry needs to build more awareness on the collegiate scene — connecting with smart, young people looking to start their own careers — and think of fresh ways to reach talent in untapped communities.  

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