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It’s that time of year again! When Black women unite from all over to honor what it means to be creative, innovative, and pure magic. Essence Fest is a trip for everyone to celebrate wins while looking their best, and this requires our hair to be laid.

Located in the heart of New Orleans, the event is always at the height of summer and the heat is nothing to be played with. Humidity, in any event, can be our best friend or, worse, enemy. There’s nothing worse than our blowouts being defeated by frizz on a day that matters most. That’s why we must learn what it takes to ensure our blowout styles are laid to perfection without being compromised by the heat.

Monaé Everett, a renowned celebrity hairstylist and top expert, has mastered the art of creating red-carpet hair looks that withstand the most challenging conditions. Her expertise is not limited to creating stunning styles, but also in ensuring our hair looks its best for important events.

Below, she shares her hair tips for beating the heat.

Choose the right products

“While it isn’t possible to fully avoid frizz, there are things you can do to help limit the amount of frizz you desire,” says Everett. One of those things Everett recommends is properly completing our blowout from start to finish. Although there are plenty of techniques to help us achieve the blowout of our dreams, like blowdrying in smaller sections, Everett believes there is power in products. “I recommend using the Color Wow Dream Coat, which is sprayed on the hair before it is blow-dried, says Everett. The popular product is rich in a proprietary anti-humidity complex that combines anti-frizz qualities and heat protection. A moisturizing anti-frizz treatment is also available by the line. This treatment works as a leave-in conditioner to help moisturize the hair during this period.

Nailing the technique

As mentioned earlier, the technique we use to blow dry our hair is crucial. Everett advocates for blow drying in smaller sections, as it yields better results. However, the real trick lies in the positioning of our blowers. Everett advises, “Hold the ends of the hair in your hand with tension and point the blow dryer down toward the ends of the hair.” This method encourages the hair strands to stay down, preventing frizz. She cautions against repeatedly pulling the brush through our hair, as it can cause more damage and frizz. Instead, she suggests a slow and intentional approach, targeting each strand without having to redo the area.

Setting your strands

Once we master the art of blowing out our hair for better results, it’s time to set our locs throughout the week. Plenty of videos on social media advocate for heat sets, especially for voluminous blowouts. This trend is far from recommended in the summer months. Our goal is to prevent frizz, so we must limit how much we set.

Everett believes there is power in cold sets during the ruthless summer weather. “A cold set will last longer than a hot set because you won’t sweat as much,” says Everett. This tip also includes setting our hair for bed. “Cold set your hair by wrapping the hair around your head and applying a scarf or flexi rods in large or small sections, depending on the desired style,” says Everett.

Making it last

It’s the following day; luckily, our cold set has held us down the entire night. Before we head out to Essence Fest to enjoy a day of festivities, we must remember to put a few products in our hair. According to Everett, this isn’t a time for our heavier oils. These products will likely weigh down our hair and spirits for the day. No one has time for that! Instead, set your hair day up for success with a hair polish. Everett recommends, “Use a light serum like Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine Humidity Resistant Hair Polish Spray on your hands and apply to your hair.”

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