How to Look More Photogenic, According to 3 Influencers

Anyone who has ever tried to take a selfie (aka everyone) knows that there’s an art to it. First, you have to find your light—nothing too bright, nothing too low—then your angle, and don’t even get me started on camera resolution. But once you’ve figured out those key components, there is a way to get outside help, in the form of beauty products. 

See, aside from the sheer je ne sais quoi of being photogenic, makeup, skincare and haircare products can sculpt features, tame flyaways, and otherwise add to your natural photo-readiness. From the best highlighters to catch the light to brow gels that keep hairs perfectly in place, certain secret weapons take photos to the next level. Don’t believe me? I asked three of the most photogenic people on Instagram—Sasha Mei, Sarennya Srimugayogam, and Who What Wear’s own beauty director, Erin Jahns—for the products that help them feel their best when they pull out that front-facing camera.

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