How To Grow Healthy Nails In 2023

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By now, you’ve probably been thinking about the exciting goals and accomplishments you want to achieve for the new year. With the traditional plans working out more, getting more organized, or developing a routine, having smaller goals is essential along the way. Take nail health, for example. If you’re starting over a full set like me, here’s how to grow your nails in 2023.

From fresh acrylics to nail-biting habits and obliviously touching things, your hands and nails go through a lot during the day. Although short nails are more practical and can rock a clean french tip, longer nails offer more space to try trendy designs like spring’s favorite abstract or the current aura ombré, and the ultimate boast is that they’re natural. Getting to the length you desire will take a routine and lots of persistence, but you’ll get there. Luckily nowadays, we have products that can help speed the process and work their magic in no time. 

Nail growth starts from within. Taking a biotin vitamin daily, a multivitamin that contains biotin, or biotin-enriched foods like sweet potatoes, nuts, and avocados are essential for healthy nail growth. Plus, it’ll even promote hair growth and skin rejuvenation as well. You can also consider vitamin B9, packed with folic acid, which is responsible for healthy cell growth in hair and nails. If you do not want to take a supplement like Nature Made, you can try B9-enriched foods like beans and whole grains.  

How To Grow Healthy Nails In 2023

Once you’ve taken care of the inside, exterior maintenance is more manageable. Using a cuticle oil like Sally Henson Nail Treatment with vitamin E is critical for the nail beds as it provides super hydration for them to grow, like water for plants. No matter how much hydration we offer our nails, the products we use to shape and paint with must also be a bit more tender. A soft nail file like this Amazon favorite can avoid annoying nail splitting, whereas natural nail polishes like Zoya won’t deteriorate your nail bed with harsh chemicals. The same goes for a nail polish remover. While acetone may be an easy go-to, it’ll destroy your growth. Opt into using ella+mila soft nail polish remover that contains soy to ease up on your nails and get a clean remover. 

To go the extra mile, you can try a keratin treatment or a nail strengthener like the famous Hard As Nails polish that’ll bring flexibility to nails and lower your chances of breakage or chipping. 

Above all, the best way to extend your nail life is to avoid acrylics. We all love them, and there’s nothing like a fresh set, but artificial nails thin your natural nails, and harsh chemicals on top only make it worse. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, from the application to the removal of acetone and filing, your nails will be brittle, dehydrated, and severely damaged, stunting healthy growth over time.

As you begin your journey into the new year, think of it as a diet for your nails.

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