Here’s Why You Should Consider Having Sex Outside Of The Bedroom This Summer


Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to be more spontaneous and edgy when it comes to your sex life. Our resident sex and relationship expert, Nikquan Lewis, suggests trying different places outside of the bedroom to have sex. “Exploring intimacy beyond the bedroom can revitalize your connection and add an exciting layer of spontaneity to your relationship,” she says. Learn why it may be a fabulous idea and how to switch up your sex routine with your partner. Check out Lewis’s tips below.

Here’s Why You Should Have Sex Outside Of The Bedroom

Boosts Excitement and Reignites Passion: Changing the location can break the routine and reintroduce an element of excitement and anticipation into your relationship. This can lighten up your sensory experiences and rekindle the passion you may have been missing, or it can be a preventative measure to keep things spicy.

Enhances Intimacy and Deepens Connection: New settings and experiences can strengthen your bond, making you feel more present and engaged, as well as adventurous, which can enhance your emotional and physical connection. Out of the five significant types of intimacy—intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Experiential—several of these can be enhanced while taking sex out of the bedroom, depending on what you do and how you do it.

Ways to Safely Have Sex Outside of the Bedroom

Start with discussing your desires and fantasies with your partner and have transparent communication about this sexual goal. Get on the same page to ensure enjoyment and safety. Choose locations that honor and respect each other while respecting others. Choose places that offer privacy and do not put your freedom at risk.

Adventurous While Safe Spots

Living Room: Start with a movie night that turns into a more intimate encounter on your comfy couch, or grab a soft blanket and create a sexy picnic on the floor where each other is on the menu.

Shower: Mix warmth with water for a steamy session. The cascading water isn’t just sensual; it’s a space for vulnerability and play.

Private Backyard: Under the stars brings a wild, primal edge to your intimacy.

Kitchen Counter: Include playful food items for a deliciously daring encounter.

Balcony: If privacy allows, the thrill of open-air can be exhilarating.

Lifestyle Club: If you and your partner are interested in playing with or watching others, a lifestyle club may be an option to explore.

Hotel/Vacation: There’s nothing like vacation sex. Utilize this new space and the enjoyment of the trip to elevate your sexual experience.

Private Boat: Let the gentle waves be your soundtrack while reconnecting on a private boat. Away from nosey eyes, it’s just you, your partner, and the endless sky—perfect for meeting intimate desires.

Private Pool: As the water caresses every curve, let each splash echo the intensity of your connection. 

Car: Rekindle teenage fantasies with a sexy session in the car. Parked in a secluded spot, it offers a thrilling spark of spontaneity and nostalgia, perfect for those who love a bit of adventure.

Rooftop Deck: Elevate your love life on a rooftop deck. Under the stars or the city lights, it’s an open-air sanctuary where passion meets privacy, ideal for breathtaking experiences.

“Remember, sex is what you and your partner define it to be; it is not only penetration, so get creative and have fun,” says Lewis. “The key is consent, communication, comfort, and privacy. Ensure each escape is secure from interruptions to maintain confidentiality and a stress-free, jail-free experience. Let your creativity lead the way, and enjoy the journey of exploring new territories together!” 

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