Here’s How To Get Meagan Good’s Enviable Abs

We just can’t get over how good Meagan Good looks. The celebrated actress recently stepped out with her new beau, Jonathan Majors, to grace the red carpet at the 7th annual African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) Special Achievement Awards Luncheon in Los Angeles. Together, they donned smiles as they posed for photos on the red carpet. Extra asked the actor how he and his actress girlfriend were doing during the outing. “In love,” Majors told the outlet with a smile. “We’re doing good, thanks for asking.” Added Good, 42, “We’re doing great. God’s good.” But what’s more important than their red carpet debut is Good’s banging physique, as the actress never looked better.

Some might argue that Good’s abs have been a topic of conversation for years, even decades. However, her dedication to fitness and wellness has worked for Good. She started 2024, prioritizing fitness and shared with her admirers and fans how she can stay in good shape with a Reel. “I work with my trainer Augustina, about four to five times a week for 45 minutes a day. We start out on the treadmill and then we do a lot of exercises using my own body weight. My favorite workouts are anything having to do with making my waistline trimmer and toned. My least favorite is any type of pushup!”

According to her Reel, Good does a combination of strengthening core workouts. Check them out below to achieve abs like hers.

Reverse Cable Wood Chops: The cable wood chop exercise uses a cable machine to create a wood-chopping action, building strength and power in the core and obliques. To make it more effective, perform it slowly and with control.

Chest Press with Legs Elevated: The feet-up bench press is similar to a bench press. To increase your workout, you can lift your feet to practice creating stability in your upper body.

Romanian Deadlift with Kettlebell: It also looks like Good does incorporate RDL exercises in her video, Romanian deadlift with a kettlebell, one of the top exercises for working the hamstrings (back of legs) and glutes (butt).

Starfish Crunches: Starfish crunches are another excellent core exercise and a great ab workout to incorporate. Starfish crunches are a crunch exercise variation where you start lying down on your back with your arms and legs stretched and pointing away from each other, similar to a starfish. Starfish crunches work your obliques and lower abdominal muscles more than regular crunches.

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