Here’s How To Amp Up The Foreplay In Your Bedroom


It’s time to get spicy, sexually, this summer. Foreplay can be a great solution to amplify a dull and noninteresting sex life. While some of us know what the practice is, many don’t. Foreplay is defined as intimate physical and emotional acts that take place before sexual intercourse. 

However, Nikquan Lewis, a licensed marriage and family therapist, believes that foreplay is much more than the precursor to intercourse. “Foreplay is so much more than just the warm-up to sex; it’s the rhythmic dance of intimacy that should begin from the moment you and your partner open your eyes and speak to each other,” she says. Lewis continues, “It should continue as you both find ways to connect throughout your day. This intentional interaction has the power to transcend the moments before sex while also strengthening your entire relationship, enhancing both your emotional bond and your sexual desire.”

Here are seven transformative ways to enhance foreplay and deepen your connection, according to Lewis: 

Intentional Touch: Make touch a regular language of love when together. A gentle caress, a sensual hug—these small gestures build anticipation for what’s to come.

Flirty Communication: Keep the spark alive with flirty texts or little notes. Let your partner know they’re in your thoughts and stir excitement for your sexy time later. Play around with emojis and use ones that only you two know what they mean. 

Hold Out: Touch, use toys, almost kiss, but don’t; instead, get face to face with your partner and sensually and lightly graze your lips across each other. See how long you can hold out without having sex, which heightens and enhances orgasmic pleasure.

Exploratory Foreplay: Take time to explore each other without rushing. Discovering each other’s bodies slowly enhances the overall experience. There are over 30 erogenous zones over the body; this level of exploration allows you both to understand what your body craves.

Relaxing Together: Find mutual relaxation activities that stir the senses, like joint baths or massages. These are perfect for easing into a more erotic moment.

Maintaining Eye Contact: Lock eyes often. Deep, sustained eye contact during intimate interactions can significantly heighten the emotional intensity.

Talk nice to them but keep it dirty: Dirty talk is a great way to explore fantasies while turning each other on. Share what you’d like to do to one another and spice it up.

Lewis wants us to remember that foreplay is uniquely personal. You and your partner should define and co-create it to ensure it resonates with your desires, boundaries, and preferences. You must be on the same page, sharing experiences that satisfy both partners. By curating a personalized foreplay blueprint, mutual needs are met while transforming your intimate experiences into something truly exciting, preparing you both for physical intimacy and reinforcing your daily connection.

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