Here Are 5 Ways To Practice Good Social Media Etiquette In 2024


Navigating how to use social media can be challenging and confusing. You may wonder: What should I post on my social media profiles? How much of my life do I want to share with others and the greater public? The answers to those questions, of course, depend on how comfortable you are sharing yourself and your interpersonal life on social media

Another way to determine how much you should share on your social channels is to take the time to establish what you’d like to use your platforms for. If your social channels are dedicated to showcasing your portfolio, then perhaps you shouldn’t share personal moments of your life. 

Exercising social media etiquette, even in 2024, where it seems like anything is socially acceptable to post, it’s important to exercise tact and thoughtfulness when sharing social media content, as your brand and reputation can be jeopardized and tarnished if you aren’t aware. 

Here are several tips you should be mindful of when engaging on your social media platforms this year. 

Limit the oversharing: Think of your social media platforms as a tool to garner brand awareness, connect with friends and family, and keep up with cultural events, not as your diary. You shouldn’t share your deepest fears, secrets, or misfortunes with the internet. Less is more. 

Relationship woes and drama: No one deserves to know the ins and outs and ebbs and flows of your interpersonal and romantic relationships. Sharing the intimate details of your relationships can cause confusion, drama, and unnecessary anxiety. It’s best to keep the inner workings of your love life off the internet and social media. 

Ignore the trolls: Although we all want to pop an online troll back in their rightful place, especially when they are disrespectful directly to us, don’t waste your energy – typing a paragraph-long response to an online bot isn’t worth it. If the harassment continues, block or report them and move right along. 

Get consent: If you don’t have consent to post photos and videos that aren’t of you, then don’t. It’s respectful, considerate, and kind to ask for permission before publishing. No one wants images or video footage plastered all over the internet without knowing about it. 

Be thoughtful when posting content: Although you might feel passionate about a subject, event, or public figure, think carefully about lending your commentary publicly online. Your social media accounts shouldn’t be used to disseminate opinionated rants; instead, you should use them to foster community and learn different viewpoints. You shouldn’t say it online if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing it in person in public. 

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