Here Are 5 Popular Workouts Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington, And Megan Thee Stallion Swear By


New year? New body? If you want to step up your fitness game this year, it may be time to step back into the gym or add some workout classes to your routine. If you’re struggling to exercise, perhaps look to some of our favorite Black women celebs for fitness inspiration. You have Megan Thee Stallion and Victoria Monet, as their bodies are incredibly fit and toned, and Tracee Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington, who represent the 50-year-olds and love to do out-of-the-box workouts outside the traditional gym setting. See our complete list and workouts below and become motivated to move your body. 

Hottie Boot Camp (Megan Thee Stallion): 

Outside of the song being a banger, the rappers inspired us to return to the gym or do a “Cozy Cardio” workout at home to level up our fitness game – and we’re not mad at them. Megan Thee Stallion hasn’t been one to gatekeep her workout routines or fitness regimen. Outside of sharing her many Instagram Reels with glimpses of her “Hottie Bootcamps,” featuring squats, the Stairmaster, leg lifts, and clean eating, she also partnered with Nike to release a series of core and lower body workouts on the Nike Training Club app. For her workouts, she combines a mixture of weight lifting, core strength, cable lateral raises, and even Pilates. 

Multi-layered Cardio (Victoria Monet): 

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From rock-hard abs to defined and toned arms and legs, the sultry singer always turned heads on and off the stage. Thanks to her life partner and trainer, her workout routine includes intense ab workouts, extensive cardio combinations, and HIIT workouts. Her workouts always make her look good. 

Non-weighted Workouts (Halle Berry): 

Ms. Berry is killing the fitness game in her 50s. But how does she get her legs to look like that? Her longtime trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, and with Berry’s rē*spin, a health and wellness platform that includes a line of affordable fitness products, which was initially launched during the pandemic in 2020. In 2022, Berry and her trainer, Thomas, recently announced a partnership with rē*spin and the FitOn app, a free digital fitness platform with workouts by celebrity trainers. On the FitOn app, Berry and a team of celebrity trainers offer a series of low-lift workouts for your entire body and specific areas that can be difficult to tone, like your legs. 

Tracy Anderson Method (Tracee Ellis Ross): 

Tracee Ellis Ross’s body is “Tea,” as the kids say. Now in her 50s, Ross seemingly hasn’t aged, and that has to do with her streamlined and consistent workout routine and Tracy Anderson’s method workouts. Each workout includes 30 minutes of muscular structure work and 30 minutes of cardio. “I have to say that Tracy Anderson’s workout the last five years has been really good for me,” she told Health. “I love the studio atmosphere, I love how beautiful and sexy and long and strong I look when I work out, and I love the loud music.” 

Pilates (Kerry Washington): 

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Kerry Washington swears by Pilates to keep her body right and tight! You can follow her Pilates workouts on her TikTok. 

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