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Summer is the perfect season to show off your nails. This season is all about ease and fun. That said, who has time to worry about chipped nails? It’s the perfect time to head to the nail salon and tell our nail techs what designs we’re in the mood for ahead of vacation. 

If you’re looking for a place to start, consider the ombre-like trend of Aura Nails. Below, nail experts Aaliyah Smith, Bettina Goldstein, and Renée Oquel Mesa explain the look. 

What are Aura Nails?

“The Aura nail trend has modernized the ombre effect and taken nail color to the next level,” Mesa tells ESSENCE. “Aura nail art is an awesome and fun way to play with color and contrasts by creating a gradient effect beginning at the center of the nail and working the soft and hazy-like effect outward. The inspiration is drawn from color photography by using color expression to reflect one’s aura and energy.” According to Smith, the trending nail designs are “freehand 90’s nails,” which “have lots of line work and dots.”

What colors should you choose for your aura nails?

It depends on your personal “aura” and preference. Smith and Mesa recommend choosing any colors to achieve Aura nails. “The contrasts can be subtle or bold and the color options are truly endless,” Mesa says. “The key is to play with colors that complement each other and understand which colors can be blended together to create additional hues.” This style is all about reflecting your own energy and personality. So have fun with it!

How to DIY Aura Nails at home

Turn your home into a nail salon with the right tools. You don’t need a gel polish or professional airbrush system. Mesa says, after preparing and dehydrating your nails, apply a base coat. Once dry, apply 2 coats of lacquer nail polish to lay down the base color. “Allow the lacquer to dry, and using a sponging tool or makeup sponge, apply the lacquer directly on the sponge by layering a shade in the center and another shade outside of the center,” Mesa says. “The colors will blend together as the sponge is being pressed onto the nail to create a smooth and gradient effect.”

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