DedCool Fragrance Exclusive Sale Promo Code 2023

In service of finding our readers their next great buy, the R29 shopping editors and writers will click on every sales page, try every trending Amazon product, and sniff a lot of stuff. We’ve tried hand soaps, lotions, candles, and, of course, perfumes. And occasionally, we find a scent so good we literally keep on sniffing. Such is the case with DedCool, a brand known for its genderless, non-toxic, and vegan fragrances — and a certified R29 editor fav. If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, or (like us) need to stock back up, we scored you a 20% sitewide discount with code R29. Through February 10, use this R29-reader-exclusive promo code on anything and everything your collection is missing — whether it’s a splurge-worthy detergent or the brand’s bestselling fragrance. And, if you’re as addicted to DedCool signature Milk scent as we are, take advantage of this super rare deal to get everything the brand has to offer with this scent (from room sprays to body wash). Dedcool almost never has sales, so you’re so very welcome.

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