Cori Broadus And Fiancé Give Us A Peek Into Their Super Sweet Bedtime Routine


Cori Broadus and her fiancé Wayne Duece are too cute! 

The couple recently revealed how they choose to unwind after a long day on Instagram, and their self-care routines include skin and hair maintenance that they do together. The video shows the couple in their home bathroom, with Duece tying Broadus’s durag to cover her braids. Next, the couple takes us further into their wellness routines, first by applying toothpaste to each other’s toothbrushes, cleansing their skin with toner, and helping one another apply moisturizer and lotion to their bodies.

Broadus also captured her fiancé lovingly applying hair oil to her roots and then to the base of her braids. She gladly returned the gesture and began brushing Deuce’s hair to maintain his waves and fade, slathering Blue Magic grease to lay his hair. Next, she tied his durag gently.

After moisturizing their lips (with help from Aquaphor), they sealed their self-care routine with a kiss before going to bed. Their regimen caught the attention of several social media influencers and stars, and it also impressed Broadus’s parents, Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus. Mama Broadus commented, “@snoopdogg You Better Oil My braids 😂😂.” The legendary rapper, responded, “I need mines done @bosslady_ent.”

Not only does the young couple inspire us to level up our wellness routines, but they also make us believe in authentic love that’s rooted in service and care, again. 

The singer, 23, and creative director started appearing together on social media in 2018 but made their relationship Instagram official in 2019. They announced that they’d gotten engaged during Thanksgiving weekend last year and have continued to be inseparable. From engagement photoshoots to family gatherings, the pair is locked into love for the long haul. 

Duece also shows Broadus that he’ll be there for her during trying times. She was diagnosed with lupus at a young age and has dealt with several health complications and scares. Recently, Broadus revealed to her followers on Instagram that she would be undergoing a biopsy. 

She took to her Instagram Story to share the news. “I get a kidney biopsy today. I’m so scared 😭😭😭 last time I got one, I was like 7 or 8,” she said. 

Unfortunately, her doctors couldn’t complete the procedure due to her blood pressure and heart rate, so Broadus had to reschedule and see a cardiologist. With the cardiologist’s approval and clearance, she’ll reschedule the biopsy. During that entire ordeal, Duece was there.

Medical hurdles aside, she’s enjoying the beautiful life she’s building with her fiancé and we’re looking forward to witnessing the couple’s love continue to blossom as they prepare to get married. 

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