Coco Jones Tells Us When The Year Starts In Her Personal Editorial

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Coco Jones, everyone’s favorite up-and-coming R&B “it” girl, set Twitter and Instagram into a frenzy with fangirling and oozing adoration as she dropped images shot by photographer Jacob Webster. He’s shot some of our other favorite it-girls (there can never be too many), such as our recent cover star Lori Harvey, Doja Cat, Sza, and more. The creative direction had a multitude of great references, one being Rihanna’s iconic British Vogue magazine cover with “truth” painted onto her face in an Old English font. Coco’s interpretation for the new year, of course, included 2023 being painted onto her face in a similar font, and even the color was almost identical.

We all know and love that one meme shared every single year of a Black woman leaving behind her baggage in the past and stepping into the new year carrying good habits and manifestations, well Coco did her own spoof on that and did not miss. Her tight white dress, extra high platform heels, and gold jewelry were everything she needed to step into the new year with grace and style, something we all want to do as well she does.

Coco Jones didn’t just tell us 2023 starts on the 9th, as we’ve been saying, with a slight struggle in our tone, she became the clock; ticking at her own pace which could translate to her creative process in all areas as she just recently dropped an EP and fans have been wanting a forthcoming album to drop as well.

Lastly, she “rang in” the new year in an all-black catsuit that has inspired surely everyone on the internet to get cracking at the gym. Her effortless posing made her ringing in the new year look like all of our own manifestations would come to us in that same manner of ease. All of that to say that we hope to see more fun self-made editorials and if you’ve been wanting to plan something with friends similar to this don’t let anything stop you! Timing is everything, and Coco knows it!

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