Chloe And Halle’s Little Brother, Branson And Chance Combs Might Be An Item


Chance Combs, the eldest daughter of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, may have a boyfriend, and it’s the cutest sight to see! She is dating Branson Bailey, Singers Chloe and Halle Bailey’s little brother. The two teens did a soft launch of their relationship via Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

The teen pulled out his romantic cards on Valentine’s Day, getting Chance a sweet and thoughtful gift. Both Chance and Branson posted an image of a huge brown teddy bear and a bouquet of red roses on their Instagram stories earlier this week. Branson also shared a video of them doing a special handshake while smiling ear to ear.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Branson, 18, before, he’s almost a carbon copy of his sister, Halle. Although some didn’t know the popular singers had a little brother, he’s often tagging along with his sisters to events. For those wondering what Branson is up to, he hasn’t gone down the musical path–as of now, he’s pursuing a career as an athlete.

Chance, who was born in 2006 and the daughter of entrepreneur Sarah Chapman, is also budding into a beautiful young woman and forging her own lane. She’s currently pursuing the goal of becoming an actress. The teenager recently got accepted into her dream college, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (NYU).

The aspiring actress isn’t new to the world of acting and has been crafting her art since her younger years when she began taking theater and improv classes. During an interview with V Magazine for their summer 2023 issue, Chance shared how acting has helped her grow as a person. 

“It’s helped me step out of my comfort zone,” she said during the interview.

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