Cherelle Parker Makes History As The First Woman Elected Mayor Of Philadelphia

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The next mayor of Philadelphia will be Democrat Cherelle Parker, a former member of the city council and former school teacher, according to NBC News projections.

Parker’s election as the city’s next mayor marks a historic moment, as she will not only become the 100th mayor of the city but also its first woman to hold the office. During her campaign, Parker addressed critical issues such as public safety, education, and economic challenges in Philadelphia.

She received endorsements from prominent figures, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Parker’s platform was rooted in her background, growing up in a blue-collar, majority-Black neighborhood in Philadelphia, according to NBC News. She emphasized her commitment to restoring the sense of community and support she experienced in her upbringing.

In her victory speech, Parker expressed her determination to work with all Philadelphians. “My message to Philadelphians from all walks of life was that if they would just give me the opportunity, that I would put to great use everything inside of me, my lived life experience, my professional experience, my academic preparation — that I will put all of it to great use to work with you all to make Philadelphia the safest, cleanest, greenest big city in the nation, with economic opportunity for all,” she told supporters on Tuesday night.

David Oh, an at-large city council member and attorney, had hoped to be the city’s first Asian American mayor. The Republican candidate launched a campaign to reduce crime in Philadelphia, including recruiting more police officers and combating drug addiction.

On Tuesday evening, Oh conceded to Parker and said that it’s important for everyone to now rally around Parker.” We have come to the end of this journey. The voters have spoken, and Cherelle Parker is the 100th mayor of Philadelphia, so I congratulate her and I wish her well. It is her responsibility now, and we will all support her to make her the most successful mayor that this city has seen because that is what’s in the public interest,” he said.

On Wednesday morning, the mayor-elect took to social media to thank the people of Philadelphia, noting that”it’s just the beginning of the work that we’ll do together.”

Philadelphia’s mayoral race has historically leaned Democratic, with no Republican candidate winning in over 70 years. Parker served in the Pennsylvania State House as a Democrat from 2005 until 2015, when she was elected to the Philadelphia City Council. She resigned in September 2022 when she launched her mayoral campaign.

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