Charli XCX Vogue Singapore April 2024

Vogue Singapore was the 27th international edition of Vogue to come to fruition back in 2020. Early last year, Desmond Lim was installed as editor-in-chief (replacing Norman Tan). In the past year, the magazine has been able to count the likes of Niki Zefanya, Taeyang, Jennie Kim, Kiko Mizuhara and Deepika Padukone as cover stars. Issue #30 for April 2024 sees Lim champion the princess of pop that is Charli XCX. Fresh from shooting Naomi Campbell for Vogue Greece, Nick Knight was commissioned to profile the British singer-songwriter, complete with Konca Aykan reporting for styling duties. In the stylized cover photograph, the hit maker is dressed by Aykan in a floor-length number from Matthieu Blazy’s Spring 2024 Bottega Veneta collection.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“OMG, I want it now,” shrieked Kimy Jo.

“I love Charli XCX and this Vogue edition. However, this cover makes me sad. It’s strange because Charli’s music persona is full of life yet they didn’t embrace that for her first Vogue cover shoot. The green color confused me at first because it doesn’t go well with the photo,” shared crmsn.

Callmejaden agreed, commenting: “Love Charli, but I’m not a fan of the cover!”

“That dress is making my skin crawl,” Urban Stylin exclaimed.

“Massively here for this surge of Nick Knight we seem to be getting lately. First Naomi Campbell for Vogue Greece, Kim Kardashian for Skims and now Charli XCX for Vogue Singapore. That being said, this cover does nothing for me. Too dark and gloomy for my taste and that lime green masthead is truly hideous. Halloween isn’t until October!” voiced vogue28.

Are you a fan? See more of Charli XCX as Vogue Singapore’s April 2024 cover star and join the conversation over on theFashionSpot forums, here.

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