Celebrity Kids Who Attended An HBCU

Aaron J. Thornton/WireImage

People love to see any young person decide to study at a historically Black college and university, but it’s even more significant when that young person is the child of someone well known. The assumption is that they could afford to go anywhere, and maybe even sidestep a college education altogether while benefiting from the success of their parents. And yet, they opt to not only seek a higher education but also embrace an HBCU. It puts the spotlight on these schools, and in turn, helps, in a small but still useful way, with enrollment and funding. Maybe that’s why everyone was recently so glad to see Dondré Whitfield and wife Salli Richardson-Whitfield celebrate their daughter Parker’s choice to go to Spelman.

She’s the most recent star kid to choose to start the next big chapter of her life at an HBCU. However, there are quite a few who attend, studied at for a time, and graduated from these schools that you may not know about. See 13 who have made us all proud!

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