Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2024 Ad Campaign Kendall Jenner

Matthieu Blazy has been at the helm of Bottega Veneta as creative director since 2020, and despite numerous covetable collections for the Italian fashion label, Blazy’s campaigns have ultimately failed to generate a whole lot of buzz here on theFashionSpot or break new ground within the industry. For Pre-Spring 2024, the Belgian-French designer commissioned images from wire image agencies such as Getty Images and Backgrid, ditching photographic duo Louise & Maria Thornfeldt who captured Veneta’s Fall 2023 campaign offering. Throughout the series of paparazzi-style campaign starring rapper A$AP Rocky and model Kendall Jenner, the duo go about their business around various different locations – decked out in Blazy’s latest designs (obvi).


Naturally, it didn’t take long for members of our forums to sound off. “I really don’t like this campaign, just because it’s something Demna would do at Balenciaga and we don’t need that energy at Bottega Veneta AT ALL,” exclaimed perhydrol.

“This just feels tacky and lazy. You know Demna is kicking himself for not coming up with this concept first,” laughed Steddycam91.

“What in the Balenciaga! Blazy just doesn’t know what to do with his Bottega,” Thefrenchy chimed in.

Also underwhelmed with the campaign was lookatme, adding: “Give me a break. These brands just keep lowering the bar. It’s kind of shocking and almost comical to think the entire management and design team think this is worth putting out!”

“This is lazy on another kind of level,” voiced matheus_s.

Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2024 : A$AP Rocky & Kendall Jenner by Paparazzi

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