Blunt Haircuts Are Trending in 2024—Here’s What to Ask for

I didn’t have too many stringent plans for my recent Paris trip (my favorite travel memories always stem from places I stumble into on a whim!), but I did have one nonnegotiable task on the itinerary: book a haircut at the iconic David Mallett Salon. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the famed hairstylist’s NYC location at The Webster, but I’d never stepped foot in the airy Parisian apartment in the 2nd arrondissement, so needless to say I had high hopes. (It’s a local French-girl staple, so I’d heard from multiple beauty editors.) I’m happy to report that I left transformed—equipped with not only a fresh set of fringe but also a whole new outlook on hair trends.

Let me back up a bit. In the days leading up to my highly anticipated appointment, I spent ample time people-watching over pain au chocolat to determine which styles stood out in the sea of effortlessly cool Parisiennes. (This is beauty journalism, is it not?) Instead of the bouncy, ’90s layers I had seen on NYC It girls for the last several months, I noticed blunt cuts with fringe on a great deal of French women who walked past. This makes sense—it’s practically the recipe for Parisian chic—but still, I was a little shocked to find an absence of layers among the local crowd.