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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 14: (L-R) Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion accept the Best Rap Performance award for ‘Savage’ onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center on March 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

When Beyoncé shares business advice, you listen.

That’s what Megan Thee Stallion attested to during a recent sit down with Shannon Sharpe on his YouTube Channel, Club Shay Shay.

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“When I was in the situation with [1501] and I wanted to get out of it, they told me you need to do this on your own,” she told him. “Like, ‘You already know what it is. You already have all the tools. All the legal sh*t you are going through, I know you are learning something. So you should figure out how to get out here and be your own boss.’”

She adds later that Beyoncé suggested a power move following Megan’s split with the record label. “Beyoncé is actually the person that inspired me to get my own tequila,” she said. “Because I used to be the cognac queen. I still am the cognac queen. But as much as I used to enjoy cognac, and I’ve promoted a lot of people’s liquor brands, she was like, ‘the next time I see you, you better have your own. You need to have your own alcohol.’”

As previously reported by ESSENCE, during a panel at AdWeek for Social Media Week 2024, the Snakes artist shared she’s working on launching a tequila brand in addition to new music.

“I create the things that I want to see, I don’t create things for other people to like them,” she explained. “I create the music I want to hear, I go and do my own thing and stay true to me.”

This is just the latest smart business move she’s making as her star continues to rise. As previously reported by ESSENCE, Warner Music Group (WMG) announced in February it’d entered into an agreement with Megan that will allow her full rights as an independent musician while also having access to the music company’s global services, ranging from radio promotion to marketing worldwide.

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