Artizan Joyeria Cute Affordable Jewelry Rings Necklaces

We don’t love jewelry because it’s practical. In fact, there’s virtually no function to adorning oneself in sparkly studs, dainty necklaces, charm bracelets, or a stack of rings. But that’s not the point; our bling purely exists to express our style and add a little something-something — and we just found a veritable diamond in the rough in the form of Artizan Joyeria. TBQH, the Miami-based, family-owned jewelry label that you’ve never heard of should really be bigger than it is. From edgy takes on chain-link jewelry to traditional motifs like signets and precious stones feature in many pieces, the brand truly has something for everyone’s style. Working in a variety of metals (sometimes mixed together for a modern touch), most of Artizan’s pieces also clock in at under-$100 price points, perfect for someone looking to experiment with their jewelry style or build a collection of demi-fine baubles. 

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